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1.      Market Change

Market Change News Cards announce changes in the income and costs of purchase.

Changes are effective immediately and influence all players. Players who held shares in the relevant market should move their Income Token on the Income Track according to the changes and the number of shares they hold.


Some Market Changes affect two neighboring markets simultaneously. A card announcing changes in one market will cancel a previous one, or even a card with changes in two markets. The latest changes in two markets will cancel the changes in one market, as well. The cards that no longer affect the market should be discarded.


Market Change Statistics:


In the News Cards deck there are 70 cards, of which 22 Market Change cards. There are two Market Change cards for each market, one negative – the market income and cash cost decline – and one positive - the market income and cash cost increase. There are no News Cards for the Media Market and Politics. There are also 4 negative News Cards that influence 2 markets at once.

How Market change news card effect income, video explanation:

News Cards announces Markets increases:

News Cards announces Markets declines:

News Cards announces 2 Markets declines:

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