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2. Bid

There are 9 Bid cards in the News cards - one per each market, except for the Banking and Politics market.


A bidding war is a competition among players to make a purchase of single share of a certain market. The winner is the player with highest amount of bid points (BP). The bidding war begins as soon as the Bid Card is revealed, and does not influence the player’s Purchase Phase.


How to participate in a bid


Once a player announces a Bid Card, the other players answer if they enter the bid, and if so, invest some BGD in the bidding, facing down. Players may also present Campaign Cards at the same time. The order of answers is clockwise, starting with the one sitting left to the bid announcer, who displayed the card, and ending with the bid announcer.


Once all the players have announced if they enter the bid or not, the bidding round is completed. Anyone who entered shows the amount of money and Campaign Cards they invested and calculate their total amount of BP. Players who didn’t win will get back half of their invested money.


Calculating the Bid Points


Money invested: Every 2 BGD is worth 1 BP.

Displayed Campaign cards: Every Campaign card adds 2 BP per every Media Market share the bidding player holds.

Market Share in the bid’s market: 3 BP per each market share.

Banking Market Share: 2 BP per each market share

Politics Market Share: 1 BP per each market share


Bid Conclusion


  The winner is the player with the highest number of BP. The winning player will pay the bank the amount of money they bid on and receive the Market Share.


In case of a tie, bid winner is the bid announcer. If the bid announcer is not one of the tied players, the winner is the earlier bidder (by the same order of participation in the bid).


Any player that participated in a bid and didn’t win gets back half the invested money, while the rest goes to the bank.


Bidding Restrictions


A bidding war can only be held for an open market.

In order to participate in a bidding war, a player must meet the same Market requirements for the purchase, as in a regular purchase.

A player has to invest money in order to enter/win a bid. A bid cannot be won only by market shares and Campaign Cards.

2 bid commodity 4.0.jpg
7 bid arms 3.0.jpg
8 bid pharma 3.0.jpg
3 bid energy 3.0.jpg
6 bid insurance 3.0.jpg
9 bid i.t. 3.0.jpg
5 bid food 3.0.jpg
4 bid real estate 3.0.jpg
10 bid media 3.0.jpg
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