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House rules may include any number of the following options, as long as they are presented and agreed upon in the beginning of the game:


Politics Benefits

Politics helps a corporation influence the future. The player may view a few cards, play one as usual and arrange the rest in the top of the News Cards Deck in any order. If there are 2 Campaign Cards in the viewed cards, the player may play 2 Campaign cards at once in order to buy the 3rd Politics Share. These rules replace the regular News Cards benefits for Politics, and are not canceled when a player holds Media Shares. In case of holding both Media and Politics, the player first receives and views as many cards as the Politics or Media benefits allow (the higher number between them), then plays cards by the Media News Cards benefits, but then rearranges to the top of the deck the cards that were supposed to be discarded, and any number of the saved cards.

The usual Influence Points benefit for the 3rd share remains as usual.

Additional Scoring options

  • Deep Pockets: An Income higher than 30 GBP awards 2 bonus Influence Points. Losing Income (score below 30) will cause detraction of these bonus Influence points.

  • Market Monopoly:  As long as a player holds 3 Market Shares in a market in which no other player holds any shares – that player is awarded 3 bonus Influence Points. Any change in that market shares will cause detraction of these bonus Influence points.

  • Diverse Investments: A diverse Investment is a corporation with holdings in many different markets. The first player to hold shares in at least 6 different markets is awarded 2 bonus Influence Points, until another player holds shares in more markets than the previous player, in which case, the bonus points are detracted from the previous diverse investor, and passed to the new one, and so on. There can be only one!

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