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Corporate Times

Build your corporation. Control the news. Take over the economy.

Corporate Times a financially strategic game that shows the business world in a new light, like it has never been seen before. This game gives a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the world that affects us all, by revealing the power that drives markets and the whole economy.

In the past, a dominant element of the business world was buying and selling stocks and assets. Nowadays, there are added complexities that make this world more challenging to navigate.

Corporate Times provides a deep, yet easy-to- understand and entertaining insight of the modern business world, and the powers which control it: the media, politicians, and banks.

The media controls the news, decides on the agenda, what to promote, and what to hide from the public. Politicians can change markets by reform and strengthen influence of corporation on the economy. The Banks oversee the monetary flow and transactions.

Each player builds his/her own corporation, navigating through the economy’s rules, and dealing with the 3 forces. The players need to use their assets, money, and influence for one goal – to take over the economy.  

You are the head of a corporation. Controlling the entire state’s economy is within your reach. Smart investments will strengthen your influence over the economy and will increase your profits. Bad investments will get you in the mud and put the corporation in danger. Through the news you will learn of changes in the market status, but if you will purchase Media Market Shares you can also control the news, to some extent. As long as your corporation holds more Market Shares, your influence over the economy grows. The first corporation to take over the economy wins.

Will it be you?

Game Summary:

Purpose: To take over the country's economy by accumulating 20 points. The board game simulates the economy of the state. The economy is divided into markets. Each market is divided into Market Shares. The participants set up a mega corporation that will attempt to take over the state economy. Points are accumulated by the purchase of Market Shares and the use of News Cards. A Market Share is a permanent part of a certain market. Each player can acquire up to 3 Market Shares according to the size limitations of the specific market and the purchases of the other players. Every Market Share has a value in points that helps the player increase his/her score, gain a stable income, establish the cost in cash, and obtain bank financing. The data can vary according to the News Cards opened at every turn.

The calculation of the general score and the income of each player will be marked on tracks of the board specifically designed for this purpose. After the purchase of a Market Share, the player will advance on the track according to the points attributed to the specific share, and on the income track according to the income of the specific share, as well as the contents of the News Cards that have direct influence on the income.

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